Hello There!         I'm Krit.

I define myself as being a dreamer and a doer. I like to bring ideas to life and love diving deep into my work. My time is spent providing freelance marketing services to businesses and working on my start-up brand, Soothi. Soothi is a passion project that combines my love of fashion with my desire to create a company that has a positive impact on impoverished global societies.

My day involves the utilization of my strategic marketing skills to help solve enterprise problems varying from visioning, to communications, to consumer insights. The best part of my job is getting to work on problems without a pre-determined solutions. This allows room for data collection, analysis and the ability to unlock a world of creative possibilities. What I truly love about marketing, is that when it is successfully executed, it has the power to transform businesses and recalibrate brand perception. In my mind, successful marketing is about creating unforgettable experiences by cutting through the clutter and truly connecting with your audience.  

Having spent the last two years of my life building a brand from nothing, I have learned a lot about the challenges and opportunities associated with working on a resource limited business. I have also spent a lot of time building up a network of marketing experts. This means that by working with me you get the opportunity to tap into a large network of experts that are excited to help your business flourish.